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Dota 2 Tusk Guide

Nice was a brawl! After her, in the tavern “Wolf Hole”, only Ymir remained on his feet - he was Tusk, he was Horror from the Barrier, he was also the Snowball from Cobalt - the only one who managed to defeat one notorious spiked bouncer in an honest fight. It all started with a harmless dispute “who is who?” ... As a result, the innkeeper did not have a single bottle, a jug or a chair, and four regulars, one blacksmith and six of the best warriors of the Frost team went into a deep knockout in the midst of the fragments. Contemplating this picture, Ymir proclaimed a toast in his honor and drained a cup of hops. As soon as the losers came to their senses, they immediately began to demand revenge with higher stakes. It was only joy for Emir, only he doubted whether these poor fellows had at least something for their souls. Terrified by the pogrom, the innkeeper went on a trick, just to prevent another brawl. Ymir, despite his excellent skills, never participated in a real battle, didn’t know the chaos on the battlefield and didn’t know what death is inaudible, and therefore the innkeeper offered him a new bet: to participate in the largest battle, no matter which side, survive, and even defeat the enemy. Well, what is at stake? A good portion of booze at the expense of the establishment.

Tusk is a melee hero whose main attribute is strength. His first ability, Ice Shards, compresses shards of ice into a ball of cold energy, which deals damage to all the enemies he touches. When the ball reaches its destination, the fragments will be released, creating a barrier. The second ability, Snowball, begins to fold Tusk into a snowball. Allies within a radius of 400 can be placed in a com by right-clicking on them, even if the com is already moving. After starting, all enemies in the path of the coma will be stunned and take damage. The more allied heroes are in a coma, the greater the damage from it. You can start the com right away using the Launch Snowball. The third ability, Tag Team, creates an aura around the hero, allowing him and allied heroes to inflict additional damage and slow down the enemy. The ultimate ability, Walrus PUNCH !, gives Tusk a critical strike and throws the victim into the air with the next attack. After landing, the victim will be slowed down. Improving with Aghanim's Scepter adds the ability of Walrus Kick, which kicks the target and slows down for a while.

Advantages of Tusk Hero:

  • Good potential for various kinds of attacks in combination with other heroes. Tusk, in principle, is a good initiator and due to the snowball can increase the gang potential of other allied heroes.

  • Almost every skill of the hero is incredibly useful and in experienced hands Ymir can be a very useful hero. Tusk does not lose its relevance throughout the game.

  • It is not very picky about artifacts and, if necessary, can adapt to the current style of play and collect some of the artifacts for the team. Of course, the hero needs items and the farm is important, but during the game Tusk can donate part of his gold to the allies.

  • In the arsenal of the hero there is a slowdown, a toss, as well as a long barrier, the correct use of which will bring a lot of frags.

  • More or less normal survival due to the stock of health and proper use of skills.

  • Advantage of Imira is taken on a difficult line, but in general the hero can appear on other lines, or you can start moving around the map very early.

Dota 2 Tusk Weakness:

  • Many skills will require you to experience the game. Curved barriers can lead to the fact that you will simply save the enemies, and not help to kill them. The same applies to the snowball, with which you can not save the allies, but rather send them to death.

  • Ymir is very dependent on the actions of the allies and alone will not be able to pull out his team. Most often, the success of a gang or initiation will depend not only on you, but also on how quickly the allies react to your actions.

  • The average increase in performance.

  • There are some problems with mana, and especially this can be felt at the initial stage of the game.

Description of Tusk skills

Ice Shards is one of Ymir’s key skills, which is often pumped in the first place and is very important. The fact is that in addition to damage, the ability creates an obstacle. One successful use of the ability allows you to lock the enemy and prevent him from retreating. The range of the ability is as much as 1800, which is incredibly large by the standards of Dota. This allows you to effectively finish off fleeing enemies. The skill is especially effective against enemies who have no jumps or ways to overcome an obstacle. In any case, the enemy team will have such heroes and Tusk will be able to realize his potential. It is important to understand that the ability is aimed at the terrain and you must always take into account the speed of the projectile. It may happen that you use the ability and it does not have time to reach the enemy, and in this case you will create a barrier for your allies, that is, save the enemy’s life. In peacetime, the skill can be used for farming, as it deals good damage in a small radius.

The advantage of this skill is that it can be easily applied to an enemy with immunity to magic, that is, the enemy will not receive damage, of course, but the barrier will still be created. Although the barrier is not deaf (that is, only a semicircle is created), but it exists for as long as 7 seconds and this is more than enough to comfortably kill the enemy. Of course, when you are more or less used to the skill, you will realize that it is very beneficial to lock your enemies in the woods or on some narrow paths. The width of the barrier is decent and you can close it with a huge passage, but as mentioned above, you need to get used to it a little.

  1. Tusk snowball Dota2Snowball - Ymir’s snowball is another key skill that makes this hero truly unique. In general, it is surprising that such a skill is ordinary, and not some kind of ult. When activated, Imir for some time turns into a snowball and then begins to move within 3 seconds. At the same time, throughout the entire action of the skill, you can take your allies into a coma within a radius of 350 or de allies themselves can jump into a com by right-clicking on it. Inside the coma, the allies receive invulnerability and now I think it becomes clear why this skill is so useful. In other words, we can use the ability either for attack, since the ball moves faster than the usual speed of movement (675) and allows you to break into a crowd of enemies, or with the help of a snowball to save your allies, giving them temporary invulnerability. The speed of a snowball (+75 for each ally) will also depend on the number of allies taken into the ball. The farther the lump flies, more precisely, the longer it moves, the greater the radius of destruction (200 + 40 for every second). Of course, the skill is not used for damage, but still, together with allies inside, whom can give good AOE damage. The range of applying the skill is decent and is 1250, that is, you can start an attack from a large distance and quickly catch up to fleeing enemies. A few more words about the mechanics of the skill. At the first activation, the ball begins to collect and grow in size, but if you need to start as quickly as possible, then you can reactivate the skills and in this case the snowball will roll immediately, almost without delay. Of course, only heroes can be taken with you; you can’t get any illusions into the ball.

    An important feature of the skill is that in a snow globe we can calmly overcome any obstacles (rocks, trees, and so on). That is, at first we of course choose the goal towards which the ball will roll, but the enemy can wig during the movement, and the snowball will move along the shortest route. This is really important, since it can happen that you chase the enemy, and eventually end up somewhere on the mountain with your allies and thus substitute them. If the snowball does not have time to reach the enemy in 3 seconds, then it will fall apart and again you and your allies may be in a bad position. It is very important to understand when it is worth taking allies in whom, and when not. For example, it can be harmful to take shooters into a ball of sapport or carry, since they have nothing to do in close combat with the enemy, and even it is very dangerous. In a snowball it’s good to take allies who lack mobility (when it comes to attack). In general, the skill has a number of interesting nuances and chips, but we all will not disassemble them, since it will take a lot of time and in a real game you may never come across this.

  2. Tusk punch Dota2

    Walrus Punch - maybe someone will be surprised, but Ymir’s ult is the simplest and most understandable skill in his arsenal. When activated, our next attack on the enemy will be critical and will cause 350% damage. In addition, we briefly throw the enemy into the air and then he will be slowed down. As the saying goes: "everything ingenious is simple." Immediately I want to draw your attention to the fact that the ult has a very small recharge and at the maximum level of pumping, the skill can be used every 12 seconds. In fact, this is a reload for a regular skill, and here we have an ult. Please note that you do not need to select a target to use the skill. When activated, we kind of charge our fist and our next auto attack will be enhanced. If we used an ult, then within 10 seconds no one was hit, then the amplification effect will disappear. Also, the gain can be removed by purification. The type of skill damage is physical, so we can safely use an enhanced strike on enemies immune to magic. An important advantage of this skill is that an enhanced blow never misses, so that Emir will not care if the enemy has a chance to dodge or not.

General Game Tips for plating Tusk

In most cases, Tusk is sent to suffer on a difficult line, since in other positions this hero will be less useful. It is also possible to play the game on the center or even on the easy line, but I would definitely not recommend these positions to the beginning player, since there is a good chance that you will not be able to play well and eventually start pulling your team to the bottom. On a difficult line, we only need to stand calmly and, if possible, finish off creeps. If there are 1-2 passive heroes on the line in the opponents, then it will be just fine, since we can quickly collect gold for boots and some simple items and consumables. You should not hurry to leave the line, try to farm as much as you can. It goes without saying that it’s not worth the risk. If the enemy is clearly looking for opportunities to kill you, then play more carefully and just do not let the enemy draw a line. The hero’s attack animation is more or less normal and the damage from the hand is good, so in any case we will receive at least some farm near our own tower. The advantage of the complex line is that here Tusk will gain a lot of experience, which means we will pump our skills faster. I recommend that you always keep a Town Portal Scroll teleport scroll with you.

This is a great way to save your life, and you can also use the scroll to quickly move to the problem line and help allies. Be sure to keep track of what the situation is on the other lines. The fact is that Ymir has good potential for the Ganges, not the best, but sufficient for an effective attack. If for example you see that somewhere the enemy is clearly crushing your allies or playing too carelessly, then you can try to make a gang of this very line. You can use the same teleport to move to the line, but in addition I would recommend learning to use Smoke of Deceit smoke. All the same, this is a very effective way to get as close to enemies as possible. Even if there are no options for the gang at the beginning of the game, then when you buy Shadow Blade (if your build certainly provides for the purchase of this item), you must definitely start looking for opportunities for the gang. It’s worth mentioning right away that even though Tusk has good damage, especially when using the ult, your own attack may not be enough to kill the enemy and it is better to always attack with the support of allies. Do not be greedy and, if possible, leave frags to your carry hero. Tusk does not need much gold, and even with a minimal set of items, this hero can do a lot. During the gang, you can use a simple scheme: we turn into a ball and take with us those allies who need to get closer to the enemy. During movement, we use a barrier and block the enemy’s path to retreat. Then we calmly beat the enemy and hope that he does not have time to get around the obstacle. In fact, even such a simple trick requires practice and it is especially worthwhile to pay attention to the barrier, since very often beginner players use the skill straight at the enemy and the enemy manages to run back. Accordingly, a barrier is created in front of our nose and we ourselves spoil the obviously good gang. Of course, in the first games everything will not get the way you planned, but the most important thing is not to give in to emotions and not pay attention to inadequacies in the team. Just train and grow. Over time, you will realize that Tusk is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

Unfortunately, for some reason Tusk is taken very rarely, although the hero is quite playable and incredibly useful for the team. At a low rating, of course, realizing the hero’s potential is very difficult, since Ymir is very dependent on the actions of his team, but even among beginners sometimes come across sensible players, with whom you can kill a huge number of heroes. Once again, Tusk is an interesting hero and it’s definitely worth playing.