Dota 2 Arc Warden

arc warden dota2

Prior to all, in a complete void there was a single entity - the original consciousness. Infinite, incredible, it followed only its mysterious goals. Along with the thunder that marked the creation of the universe, there was a crack: the primordial consciousness split. The two largest fragments of it, which many years later will be called Light and Dark, revealed their worst enemies in each other, and devoted their entire existence to the complete destruction of the enemy.

The war began to threaten the existence of a barely emerging cosmos, and then the third splinter expressed a desire to intervene. The pure mind, calling itself Zet, wanted to end this chaos and restore the unity of being. Struck by the immeasurable cruelty of the brothers, Zet gathered all his strength and in one bright flash defeated both warring parties. Two opponents were squeezed together until they formed a cosmic body sent to circle around an unknown planet in the far edge of the universe. Zeta almost completely lost power, but order reigned in the universe. Turning his eyes to the created dungeon, Z. sent the remaining forces to guard her. For many millennia, the guard remained unshakable.

The planet flourished, full of life and vanity, free from thoughts of horrors lurking beneath the surface of the night luminary, and Zeta's efforts to restrain them. But when the internal battle reached such a force that the satellite’s surface began to crack at the seams, Zet realized that his exhausted forces were no longer enough. The companion tore into pieces and set free the ancient prisoners, eager for battle.

The explosion threw Zeta to the far edge of the galaxy, transforming its essence. He broke into many fragments, devoid of a single form and thought, but held only by the energy of a soaring mind. Suppressing his own sense of fragmentation, Zet rushed towards the renewed battle of the brothers. This time he knew what to do. To put an end to the eternal war, the ghosts of the past consciousness must either be combined or destroyed ...

History of Arc Warden Hero

Arc Warden is a hero with a long-range attack type, the main characteristic of which is agility, although he has more strength and intelligence. His first ability, Flux, sweeps an enemy creature, slowing its movement speed and dealing damage if it is alone. The effect is blocked if there are allies near the target. The second ability, Magnetic Field, generates a field that gives a 100% chance of dodging attacks made from the outside, as well as an additional attack speed to allied heroes and buildings inside it. The third ability, Spark Wraith, conjures a ghostly spark that slowly materializes. When the enemy appears within range, the spark inflicts magic damage to the target and slows it down. The ultimate ability, Tempest Double, creates an electric copy of Arc Warden that can use all of its abilities (except Tempest Double) and objects (with the exception of some).

Abilities of Arc Warden

    • Ark Varden's first ability is called Flux. The principle of its action is very simple - a debuff is hung on the enemy, which slows down his speed and causes periodic damage. Everything seems simple, but no matter how. Slowing and periodic damage stop working when an allied unit is located within 255 of the skill’s target (but not towers, wards, invisible units). This ability can be duplicated with the help of an ultimate, that is, two such effects can hang on the enemy.

    • The second skill - Magnetic Field - this is what you can significantly increase the DPS of your and your team. A magnetic field is created in the selected territory, which provides all allied units with 100% evasion and an additional attack speed (including towers). The illusions of the heroes inside this field have evasions, but do not receive additional attack speed. However, if the enemies are inside this zone, they will hit without misses.

    • Spark Wraith is Ark Varden's third ability. It allows you to "mine" a certain area with spirits that attack the first enemy target that has entered the spell's area of effect. The interesting thing about this ability is that if the enemy does not see the center of this skill due to the fog of war, then he will not see its borders, respectively, with a competent arrangement of spirits, they can attack enemy heroes unexpectedly.

    • The ultimate ability - Tempest Double - is considered the main ability of Ark Varden, which determines its power. She creates a hero double with similar abilities and items. Despite the low cooldown of ults, the double has its own cd of abilities and items, that is, Hand of Midas, having a cooldown of 100 seconds, will be in cd after completing a cd ultimate of 40 seconds at the first level of leveling. Also, if the main character has a Refresher Orb in cooldown, the copy will remain cooldown. After buying Aganim from Ark Varden, a new ability appears - Rune Forge, which allows you to create a random rune in front of you (cooldown of 60 seconds).

    Skill build Arc Warden

    A guide to Arc Varden shows one optimal skill build, providing him with a quiet farm on the line and push. At the first level, it is best to take the third skill, which will allow you to scout the territory a bit, “mine” dangerous places from unwanted ganks. At the second level, when it is already possible, if not to kill, then drive the enemy out of the line, we take the first ability. This skill is especially useful for mead Ark Vardena, which often stands alone with the enemy. Download in turn 3 and 1, at the fifth level you can take 2 ability. Further to level 11, 1 and 3 should be zakamshyatsya, we pump Magnetic Field. We take Ultimate at 6, 12 and 18 levels.

    Arc Warden Talents

    At level 10, download -8% cooldown, which will allow you to more effectively control the hero. At 15 - +400 to the range of Flux, which allows you to hook almost any enemy and quickly catch him. From the talents of level 20, choose according to the situation. If you fight a lot, then take talent at +125 to attack range. And if you play push, then the best choice would be a talent for a 2-second reload of Spark Wraith, which will allow you to control the side coming up to you more often. 25 level - + 30% to vampirism. In combination with your damage, you can quickly restore health.

    How to play Ark Varden

    Depending on the role chosen, the style of play for Ark Varden must be different. In mid, try not to get into trouble, so that you can easily make a quick Hand of Midas and at least a boot. Along the way, every 2 minutes control one of the runes and punish the enemy mid-player when he had the audacity to approach the desired rune. If you have runes of inviz and hasta, go to the gank for that line where the situation is more complicated.

    Kerry is a farm. Therefore, the challenge on the line is to farm, farm and farm. Do not be shy with the Ganks to help the Allies kill, the extra experience and gold have never interfered with the hero. After receiving the ultimate, your farm only grows stronger, you can send a copy to farm with the third skill of the forest, with the maine to stand and finish off the creepers on the line.

    Depending on the situation in the game, mid / carry Ark Varden can be displayed as a nuker or pusher. Nuker is a wild killer who, with his prokast, will crush a hero of any degree of fat content. Therefore, when the first items for prokast appear, we are looking for tidbits, stocking up with gold and purchasing to the fullest. The pusher is a quiet hunter, must collect items for a comfortable push solo. Therefore, when a team fights with opponents, try to go to another line and demolish the towers. You see, after such fights the enemy will lose 1-2 tavers, and even barracks in addition.

    Guide to Arc Varden in battle

    • The behavior in the battle for Arc Warden can largely depend on the collected items. But the sequence of skills for quick killing of opponents remains unchanged.
    • If you are fighting a solo target, then throw the first ability on it, put 1-2 spirits in front of it (a big range allows you to do this in front of a slowed enemy, the only question is whether there is enough time to put this skill 2 times). To increase the attack speed on the enemy, we set ourselves Magnetic Field.
    • The same tactics remain for defense. We throw the first skill on the nearest enemy to slow it down, set 1-2 traps near it. If the enemy has approached your tower, put a magnetic field and try to drive him away.
    • Of course, do not forget about the ultimate, it is a very powerful weapon in the hands of Ark Varden. Given that you are practically invulnerable in the dome, you can use the slowdown and beat the enemy as much as two, or even three (if you assemble a refrigerator) copies.

      What to collect with Ark Vardene

      In order to understand which items are worth taking and which are not, you first need to decide what role you play. I will take a look at the recommended items in turn and describe in what situations they are needed.

      • Boots of Travel. For the Zeta-Pusher, the best choice would be travel, which will allow you to quickly move between the lines, as well as, if necessary, help the allies, quickly break into the batch.
      • Hand of Midas is one of the most needed items on Arc Varden. Despite the fact that the ultimate has its own cooldown of items (that is, when reused, if the item has not yet passed recharge time, it will not roll back), Zet doubles the effectiveness of this item.
      • Necronomicon. Great choice for pushing. In combination with the ultimate there will be two sets of necro that have a manabern, a coward (detection of enemy invisible units), an aura of movement speed and good damage.
      • Manta Style. It is taken on Ark Vardena most often to remove negative effects and escape, it is not particularly useful in pushing, especially when used through an ultimatum copy. In addition, it has several useful stats and vital Zeta armor.
      • Bloodthorn. An indispensable item for duels. Allows you to cut down an enemy hero and inflict increased damage on him. In addition, your ultimate allows you to impose the active effect of the subject repeatedly, which is very very useful for teamfights.
      • Black King Bar / Linken’s Sphere. They are good in the case when the opponents concentrate their attention on you first of all. BKB is especially useful when the opposing team has the heroes directly blocking you (Shaker, SK, Invoker).
      • Scythe of Wise. It is indispensable for a nuker, in combination with an ultimate it is capable of shutting up two enemies simultaneously.
      • For pushing, you can still take items such as Mjollnir, Moon Shard, Monkey King Bar. They give attack speed and damage, which will allow you to quickly demolish enemy buildings and roll off the line, like a catted cat.