Dota 2 Roshan

Roshan the Immortal is a powerful neutral creep (a creep creature most often controlled by artificial intelligence in Dota) located in a trench from the central river, not far from the central Scourge tower (one of the fractions). If Roshan dies, he will be reborn in 10 minutes.


History of Roshan Hero

Roshan was introduced into Dota in 4 versions. It was a boss who did not regenerate, had 14,500 health, very large damage, and very large regeneration. Cheese then fell from Roshan (Restores 2500 health and 1000 mana instantly). Aegis of the Immortal used to be an item that gave 3 recharge charges, 10 bonus armor, and a 35% reduction in spell damage. Roshan usually rarely went to kill, but he was given 800 gold for each (!) Member of the team. The battle with old Roshan most often required a late game, the presence of the whole team and was very long.

In version 6.55, Roshan was changed again - they added Bash, removed Hurl Boulder, removed the Aegis stack (if the hero did not die within 10 minutes, Roshan tooks the shield back). This is a very big nerf (deterioration) for those who previously could easily kill Roshan alone, since now he can have 1500/2000 more health, and his Bash can be fatal for, for example, Ursa (knock down an orb and prevent it from running away ) It’s also the nerf of Aegis, since now he cannot be thrown away or transferred.

In the great history of Dota, there have been cases of bugs that allow you to kill Roshan without items and high levels. For example, Ax in version 6.00 (using the Call of the Berserker to lure Roshan to the fountain), Venomancer up to 6.48b (you could place the Plague Wards so that Roshan couldn’t reach them - apparently, the introduction is connected with this "You cannot attack Roshan from here "), a bug with EarthShaker (at first, Fissure blocked the road to Roshan, then distracted his aggression and didn’t go to the den) and Lina at 6.55 (with the help of Dragon Slave, Lina could turn Roshan’s aggression towards herself in this way so that he could not go to her). He easily defeats most of the heroes face to face. Players usually wait for the late phase of the game when the farm heroes collect their best items, or try to kill him with the whole team.

This character of the game has a number of features that distinguish it from the rest:

  • He appears on the map at the moment when the peak of the players ends.
  • It has in its arsenal many abilities.
  • Initially increased health and mana compared to heroes.
  • You can see Roshan only by going to his lair or luring him.
  • After his death, special items drop out.
  • Every 4 minutes of his life, Roshan gains 500 units of life, 10 units of attack power, and an increase of 0.7 units in aura defense.
  • Resurrects 10 minutes after death.

Roshan's abilities:

  • Spell Block - any spells directed at Roshan will be blocked every 15 seconds.
  • Spell Resistance - all magic damage will be blocked by 75% (passive ability).
  • Bash - when Roshan attacks there is 15% stun target for 1.65 sec and inflict 50 additional damage (passive ability).
  • Slam - Roshan strikes the ground, the attack and movement speed of all units within a radius of 250 is reduced by 30% for 2 seconds (heroes) and 4 seconds (units). More units take 70 damage. Roshan spends 90 mana on this skill; he uses this skill if there are 3 or more units next to him.
  • Illusion Prevention - all illusions that try to attack Roshan will be destroyed.
  • Devotion Aura - gives Roshan 0.5 armor. Also, every 5 minutes from the start of the first wave of creeps, Roshan will receive an additional 0.5 armor (maximum 5 armor).
  • Roshan’s Grow - every 5 minutes from the start of the first wave of creeps, Roshan gains +500 health and + 10 attacks, the effect lasts up to the 45th minute. Maximum - 12000 health and 155 damage.
  • Ressurection - 8-11 minutes after the death of Roshan to be reborn.
  • Looking at all these skills, we can conclude that you can kill him only with a simple auto attack (physical damage), you can not kill him with skills. It makes sense to lower his armor, as physical attacks will be more powerful.

    Lair of Roshan

    Lair of Roshan Dota2

    Roshan can be found in his lair, which is located slightly above the upper rune. The entrance is connected to the river and turned south. The lair has a length of 1000 and 250-300 wide. Roshan always stands at the end of the den if he doesn’t attack, and will attack only if enemy units approach him at a distance of 150 or inflict damage from a distance of 1800. Roshan cannot be attacked outside the den; but he can attack everywhere.

    Review inside the den:

    The only way to get a review inside the den is to enter it. Ground observation units (including wards and other spells) cannot see the lair from the outside, it does not matter how close their viewing range is or if they are on a hill, for example, in places of wards. Wards cannot be placed inside a den. Units with flying vision can see inside the den, even if they are outside it.

    So the only way to get an overview inside the den is to have a unit with a ground view inside.

    Kill Rewards

    Each player of the killing team receives 150 reliable gold. The hero who personally finished Roshan will receive 150-400 gold, on average receiving 300-550 gold.

    After each death, Aegis of the Immortal always drops out of Roshan, an indescribable item when picked up, which gives the owner a second life, reincarnating after death with a delay of 5 seconds at the place of death. If the Aegis of the Immortal wearer does not die within 5 minutes after raising, he will disappear from his inventory and completely restore his health and mana in a short period of time. Recovery is canceled if you take any damage over 20, including damage to yourself. If Aegis of the Immortal was not picked up and left on the ground, it will disappear with the revival of Roshan. Any hero can take Aegis of the Immortal (except for the Meepo, Tempest Double, and Spirit Bear clones from Lone Druid). It does not belong to the team that killed Roshan, that is, the enemy hero can “steal” Aegis of the Immortal. It can also be finished off with a regular attack.

    After Roshan’s second death and the following times, he also drops Cheese, a consumable item that can be sold for 500 gold by the player who picks it up first, or is used to instantly restore health and mana. Like Aegis, Cheese can also be picked by anyone. After the third death of Roshan, 20px Aghanim's Scepter (Consumable) or Refresher Shard can drop from it, the transferred item can be sold for 500 gold, when used, it resets cooldowns of abilities and items, does not spend mana. When selecting a unit, you can find out exactly which item will drop after his death. After the fourth death of Roshan and the following times, he is guaranteed to drop 20px Aghanim's Scepter (Consumable) and Refresher Shard.

    So, Killing Roshan gives the team an advantage, but only a few heroes can do it alone. Basically, the whole team goes at him in the middle of the game, and then he appears on guard to take experience and gold from him again.