Pangolier Dota 2

 Dota 2 Pangolier Guide

Pangolier in Dota 2 is a new character for the role of Kerry with a close type of attack.

Pangolier always strives into the thick of the battle breaking the enemy order and tactics breaking into the very heart of the chaos of battle. He can gracefully find cracks in his armor with a blade, defending himself from attacks with his armored scales, Pangolier is always ready for battle, like a real swordsman. The best warrior in the world?

This is not even discussed. The people of the Nivan Gallants live a life that revolves around their swords. For them, the main truth is life with adventure is the only worthy life. But even so, the exploits of Donte Panlin surprise even the most experienced and wise fencers!

There is no such monster that he cannot defeat. Will never exist. And there is no creature immune to his silver sting.

Pangolier Abilities:

  • Swashbuckle
  • Pangolier makes a dizzying jump imposing special effects of bonus auto-attacks. Applied to the point.

  • Shield Crash
  • Pangolier soars into the air and strikes with a shield, landing on the ground. All enemy heroes will take damage, and Pangolier temporarily takes less damage, depending on the number of affected characters. Non-directional.

  • Heartpiecer
  • Pangolier has a chance to slow the enemy down by attack, and after that destroys the enemy’s armor. Passive.

  • Rolling thunder
  • Pangolier curls into a ball, receiving full immunity to magic and rolls forward, causing damage and stunning opponents in its path. You can use Shield Crash to overcome obstacles. The ult can be interrupted while reading. Non-directional.

How To Play Dota 2 Pangolier

Talents of Pangolier

  • Level 10 - additional mana regeneration will be useful to you only when you often fight from the very beginning of the game, but your team cannot provide you with a good regen (absent from Crystal Maiden team or none of the allies bought Arcane Boots / Ring of Aquila). If at the beginning of the game you devote yourself to farming, then it is better to take an additional 25 to the speed of movement at this level.
  • Level 15 - attack speed - this is what Pangolier really lacks. Therefore, I advise you to download talent at level 15 to attack speed at level 15. 20 level - lack of stamina - you take strength. If there are no special problems with survival, then you, as a carry, should increase your damage by taking the talent by +30 damage from Swashbuckle.
  • 25 level - the choice of talent at this level depends on the peak of your team. In the absence of a worthy initiation, it is better to take a reduction in cooldown by ultimate, which will allow you to fly into batches more often. And if your team took care to take an excellent staner, then you definitely won’t be bothered - 3 seconds of cooldown on Swashbuckle.

How to play as Pangolier

Despite the fact that at first glance this hero does a lot of damage from his abilities, he is very thin, so at the beginning of the game you will most likely have to farm hard. The initial purchase of this. This hero looks best on a light line paired with a support (or triple). If you have 2-3 good slots, you can go to the team and help in team fights, since your abilities are quite powerful and allow you to retreat at any time.

Guide to Pangolier in battle

It is best to break into a fight with an ultimate, with which you can catch several opponents. Having flown and caught, immediately squeeze the second skill, which will increase your survival and even more damage enemies. Then use the first ability and pile from your hand. If someone tries to run away, he can also be caught with the first skill.

What to collect Pangolier

  • There are two options for suitable boots for this hero - Power Treads or Phase Boots. The difference is that the first boot will give you the missing attack speed for an early game, and the second will increase your movement speed and damage. In general, both are good, and even despite the lack of an early game, the feys look very playable.
  • Echo Saber is a great item for the cute Kerry. In a sense, a double blow will allow your passive to jump more often, a good slowdown will not allow a quick enemy to leave, and a mana regeneration will not be superfluous.
  • Mjollnir is a required item for Pangolier. Compensates for a low attack speed and allows you to impose a lightning shield on yourself or an ally. Abyssal Blade is a good item that enhances your survival and gives an additional disable on target solo. By the late game, it is very relevant in the fight against the dangerous bark of enemies.
  • Black King Bar - yes yes, BKB. And even though in the ult you are immune to magic, and with the help of the second skill you get an additional resist to all types of damage, BKB will definitely come in handy in lingering batches. And your shield will not really help you against a large number of disables. And if opponents have disables that pass through immunity to magic, then you should buy Linken’s Sphere.
  • Desolator - even though you remove all the armor of the attacked target with the help of passivation, I do not deny the purchase of Desoli. After all, the armor can go to minus.
  • Moon Shard - even more attack speed! If you need to release the slot, you can absorb it at any time.
  • Daedalus - with your wild decrease in armor, even relatively small crites will look very attractive.
  • Butterfly - a lot of attack speed, agility and damage, as well as evasion (which, by the way, in the current patch are almost completely removed.
  • Diffusal Blade - worth taking only when opponents are too fast and your team is not enough to catch them.