Dota 2 Most Picked Heroes 2019

Dota 2 Heroes

Dota 2 - a game that depicts a battle on a map of a special kind; in each match two teams of five players participate, controlling the “heroes” - characters with different sets of abilities. To win the match, the team must destroy a special “fortress” object belonging to the enemy side and protect their own “fortress” from destruction.

Today, Dota 2 has 116 heroes, each of which is distinguished by its advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, it is impossible to achieve the ideal balance, so some characters in Dota 2 are extremely strong, while others, on the contrary, are best forgotten until the next patch.

Today we will find out what roles of heroes exist in Dota 2 and we will understand why each of them is better suited.

Typically, characters get roles due to their characteristics and abilities, but often the specification of a hero can be determined by their playing style or artifacts. The fact is that Dota 2 has a very flexible leveling, which allows you to change your playing style several times depending on the situation. Therefore, in order to quickly navigate, you need to know not only about the heroes, but also about artifacts.


  • Carry - is the most important class in Dota. With a competent game, even 1 such character can bring victory to the team. To unleash their potential, they need to constantly mine gold and experience, very often substituting for enemy attacks. Later, a slightly swayed character gradually appears in battles, and subsequently is the center of the skirmish. But do not rush to recruit the entire Kerry team, because there will not be enough gold for everyone, and there will be absolutely no one to beat opponents in the early game. Recently, the Legion Commander has been very popular.
  • Supports - make your life easier. They help you get money and experience, replenish your health or mana in critical situations, scout the map. On the server, you can often see Witch Doctor.
  • In order to isolate yourself from the main action of the match in the forest and farm without stopping creeps, the Jungler class is very suitable. Usually they have special abilities to get gold faster: take control of units, vampirism, extra damage, etc. At the end of pumping (leaving the forest), we get the same Carry. Bright representative of this class Nature’s Prophet.
  • Initiator - role, without which you can safely do. Their main task is to initiate, force enemies to attack you. How it works approximately: the enemy team sees only 1 player and the whole team goes faster to grab easy prey, but as soon as they come up to him his team suddenly appears. This allows you to get the effect of surprise and better plan your offensive. A great example, a character even known to those who have not played Dota 2, Pudge.
  • The Disabler class cannot be dispensed with. These heroes are needed in order to temporarily disable enemies. They do this in two ways: Stun (under the influence of Stun, the player cannot move and cast spells) and silence (forbids conjuring). Earthshaker is very common.
  • Lane Support is a direct assistant for Carry. Scare off enemy heroes, help not die on the line. Unlike just Support’s, powerful enough to fight alone. Although very strong, but unpopular, Jakiro.
  • Durable is one of the most important roles. The purpose of these characters is to take the main damage on themselves. The main characteristic of almost all the heroes of this class is strength. Often act as initiators, simply running into the crowd, collecting a bunch of damage leaving enemies without spells. Very well copes with his role Ax.
  • Nuker deals huge magical damage, with a fairly quick reload of spells. As a rule, their main characteristic is intelligence. Mostly damage only abilities and almost never use normal attacks. Zeus will help raise your rating.
  • Since the goal of the game is to break the opponent’s base, Pusher is the most needed class. They quickly push lines, do not give opponents experience and gold, gain strength very quickly and in the early game are pretty good. Take Broodmother, you definitely will not lose.
  • Escape heroes whose abilities allow them to avoid fights. But despite the fact that escape translates as escape, they can use this as an advantage during initiation. Weaver is the most elusive of all.

  • The roles do not end there. There are still unofficial classes introduced by the community.

  • Hard-Carry is almost the same as Carry, but more hardcore. In the late game, with proper pumping and farming, it is very difficult to kill, but in the initial game it is noticeably weaker. Specter is very weak at the beginning, but unbreakable at the end.
  • Semi-Carry. They are strong in the middle and late game, but also powerful in the beginning. Usually go to the center line to get more experience. Invoker, one of Semi-Carry, is now the most popular hero in all of Dota 2.
  • If the team already has a Jungler, then you can not do without Offlaner. His role is to stand solo on a complex line (top for light or bot for darkness). It is easy for him to stand alone and get all the experience from the line. Very popular Offlaner, Dark Seer.
  • Roamer, a hero who may not stand on the line at all. The main task for this class is to walk along the lines and help in the destruction of enemies. Crystal Maiden is very suitable for this purpose.

Of course, you should not recruit a team of heroes of the same role and it is best to try to recruit versatile characters in order to have more tactics of warfare. Such balanced sets of heroes are called peaks, they are constantly invented by the community itself. There are also counter peaks towards the peaks. Counter peak, the same peak, but aimed at weakening the tactics of the enemy, designed to prevent the potential of the enemy from being revealed.

With this we will end this review on the roles of heroes. Choose a hero to your liking and into battle.