Dota 2 Betting Tips

Among the major eSports betting companies, odds between matchups can vary. One of the largest bookmaking companies, and the first to offer Dota 2 eSports betting, is Pinnacle Sports. Pinnacle’s website and software is as advanced as you’ll find in the bookmaking industry. They use the traditional ASI software platform that many bookmaking companies currently use, with a significant amount of alterations and enhancements that they exclusively own. Modifications include a proprietary spread drop down option that allows bettors to buy and sell points and an account history option that is unmatched by their competitors.

Pinnacle also offers dynamic lines, allowing their users to monitor the odd lines movement in real time without the need to constantly refresh the browser page. Pinnacle operates a unique, low margin-high volume model that allows them to not take positions, instead letting the market dictate itself. Their sophisticated system involves some complex algorithms to go along with their expertise in odd-setting, a feature that no competitor has been able to replicate. Some smaller companies do use the API from Pinnacle for their odds as well, such as Nitrogen Sports.

Meanwhile, Bet365 formulates their own odds in advance of the matches. Another one of the leading dota 2 betting sites, Betway, also has their own odds.

Increase your Dota 2 betting win percentage

Regardless if you’re using a sportsbook to bet on DOTA, playing daily fantasy, or wagering with in-game items, doing your homework is always important. First, always check the odds on different sources to get a clear picture of favorites, potential upsets, and the right matchups to wager on. Knowing as much information as possible is the biggest advantage someone can have before placing a wager.

Understanding the match formats is the first thing to look at. For instance, odds can differ for each team depending on the type of format. Below are the typical formats:

  • Best of ones (BO1) – The most frequent and are primarily used during splits and the regular season. They help determine placements in tournaments depending on the results. BO1s can be extremely unpredictable, and more upsets are featured here. In BO1s, the underdog can get off to a fast start and pull off the upset. Because of this, BO1s can provide quick profit but can also be unpredictable in nature.
  • Best of threes (BO3) – Common during the first phases of tournaments, such as group stages or early knockout rounds. They’re easier to wager on because typically the better team will win 2 out of 3 games. For that reason, upsets are less common here. An underdog taking two games against a stronger team doesn’t happen very often, which makes BO3s a safer method to bet on.
  • Best of fives (BO5) – Typically only seen during the grand finals of a tournament. For this reason, both teams are generally strong. BO5s are safer than BO1s, but because of the closeness in skill compared to BO3s, can be more difficult to predict.

The next step involves in-depth research. Becoming acquainted with the teams and players is one of the biggest components. This is always a fluid situation; both newcomers and experts alike must always follow players and teams. Roster changes are frequent, especially during the off-season and after major tournaments as teams try to improve. These acquisitions aren’t always smooth in the beginning, as players must be incorporated into team communication, team synergy, and team playstyle. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to wait and see how new teams and players who just recently joined a new team perform before placing high wagers on them.

There are different options that bettors can use for research. Watching live streams of players can be pretty beneficial. is the biggest aggregator of professional player streams. Typically, professional players with high elo will be playing other professional players, and seeing how these matchups and players perform on certain heroes can be very insightful.

There are various websites that contain a plethora of statistics and information that can be used as well. These include:

  • – Includes a bountiful amount of resourceful information for new and advanced players. This includes guides and mechanical articles that deal with the more detailed nuances of the game. They also have replays of past performances and live streams of professional players.
  • – Includes current rankings, team information, player stats, streams, and an extensive database. A community driven forum includes additional information, such as predictions and player analysis.
  • – Similar to joindota, gosugamers features rankings, player stats, and team information. Streams and VODS are also available right from the website.

Social media is another great way to keep up to date on current events. Teams, respective players, and their managers typically use Facebook, Twitter, or both.

Choosing a safe Dota 2 betting site

With the increase in eSports and the ever growing market, the amount of online bookmakers has also grown as they try to grab their piece of the pie. While competition can be good in an open market, an influx of newcomers also means the potential of scammers. For that reason, it’s important to always make sure the company you’re using is reputable.

Reputation and security is always the most important factor when deciding which bookmaker to use. Large operations, such as AlphaDraft and DraftKings, built a large user base before offering eSports. Finding a bookmaker that prioritizes making their customers happy is always a good sign.

Protecting your personal information

Protecting your privacy and personal information is of the utmost importance. Data breaches can bring down companies and affect you directly, especially start-ups that can be particularly vulnerable due to limited resources and not focusing on data security or privacy. Always check for security breaches in past companies, as this can be a decisive warning sign.

Once you’ve decided on the company, check their Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. Also check who the company is licensed through. Most online bookmakers are licensed through the Netherlands or Croatia.

Even if you’re using one of the most reputable companies in the market, always protect yourself. While debit cards are an option, we strongly recommend that you use e-wallets or credit cards. Credit card fraud is much easier to financially navigate compared to having an entire bank account wiped out. E-wallets generally carry additional fees, but credit card/debit card information doesn’t have to be stored with this option.